Hi there!

My site has been down for a little while now. Previously, I was using Weebly to manage it, and while they offer a great service there were a few issues I had:

  • I was paying a yearly fee for something I can do myself
  • You had to pay extra for a custom domain name
  • SSL Support only came with the next-tier up

I stopped paying on it, but I also didn’t have the time to work on changes until now. With a static site-generator like Jekyll, I have the freedom to customize my site however I see fit and it adds some powerful functionality for me. Also, I can use GitHub for version control :)

Expect to see some changes around here in the coming weeks, especially as I work to migrate my old blog posts to this new site as well. My hope is that I’ll start finding more time to write on there as well.

Keep checking back as I begin to modify the site.